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Drive pully.

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I am being lazy today so trying to avoid going to the garage in the cold.

Does the same pulley wh 7466 that fits on the K-341 also fit on the BF MS Onan.

I have looked at several files and cannot find the shaft sizes and can only find the pulley listed on the tractor with the K-341.

I probably missed it. I did say that I am being lazy today.


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Seems to me the crank diameter

is the same if that's what you mean.See if anyone else agrees. I could be wrong. 

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The 1974-1975 D-160 Automatic with a K341 used a manual pto clutch unlike anything else Wheel Horse used.The pulley is not 7466.



The BF MS was used on the 1976-1978 D-160 Automatic tractors and did not use a stand-alone engine pulley. They used an electric clutch to drive the attachments off the pto end of the crankshaft and drove the transmission off the flywheel end.



In applications where the 7466 was used the transmission determined the OD sizes of the engine pulley and the transmission pulley. Hydro's are different OD.

B&S engines, 8hp engines and early 10hp tractors used a 1" crankshaft.

All others used 1-1/8" crankshaft.

On the D-Series I don't know the crankshaft pto end diameter.



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