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Old US Mail Sears Snowplow Tractor

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My son moved to New Jersey last month, started a new job and will be marrying s wonderful young lady he met 2 years ago while serving as a college. Student Missionary. He sent me this picture of what I believe is a 1966/67 Sears tractor with a snowplow.  He said it looked operational and was stored in a Post Office building they were doing some work at. Zoom in and notice the “US Mail” decal on the side of the hood.  



Now or that I’ve got him spying tractors for me I just need to hone his skills to spot the “Red” ones. 

Yes I can see some New Jersey to Texas wrangling in my future 🐎  

Of course this will be “Plow horse“ wrangling since I grew up on a “Farm”  with lots of tractors, cattle and hay hauling, but no horses 

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ST/10 Appears to be 73-76 but still a Roper built machine. Stout low gearing and American made stuff! 

Your son has good taste! :greetings-clappingyellow:


I attached a pic of my 1969 Suburban 12 with the same basic running gear! 



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Interestingly the U.S. Post Office Department officially in the '50s and early '60s (remember the green postal vehicles!) bought special Gravely L-1 two-wheel tractors that were painted yellow. These had the intermediate gearing and a snowplow blade. All of the controls were labeled for the operator. They even had an official metal tag showing ownership. These are sought after by some Gravely collectors.

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