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Fixing my c120 auto

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On 2/8/2018 at 11:38 AM, JoeB said:

What sorts of alterations would have to be made with a Harbor Freight engine.

This thread covers installation of a 6.5 HP but will be similar with the 13 HP. 


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20 hours ago, BOB ELLISON said:

BRF I don't know where Joe's Outdoors  is .

I guess its on the East side of Michigan i'm thinking ? Joe said its not a Long ride LOL, with my Arthritis, going to the 5 & dime is distance ;-) 

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    • By cberking
      1970's wheel Horse C120 for sale with 48" cutting deck and snowblower attachment. Too big for my new little lawn..Been a great machine.New battery, solenoid,battery cables.Runs great,tires good,well maintained. 
    • By OILUJ52
      Picked up this 310 the other day and was doing some PM's. Checked under the motor tins and wow, this one was pretty bad!

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      Hello all I am in the market for a carburetor for my clinton 1200. Does anyone out there have one?
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      I'm thinking about buying a Leak down tester. Looking online they range from $29 to $200+.  Harbor freight sells a Pittsburg brand one for $39. And several other companies sell that same looking one (Different names) for $29 to$49:  There is an OTC brand one for $&9 and $199.
      So what do y'all use?  
      Does anyone have the Harbor Freight one?  I'm a little skeptical l, but like the price for the little bit I will use it.   Of course if it's not accurate it a worthless .
    • By The Gman
      Finished up work on the A800 ranger. Time to figure out the c120.
      The ranger got;
      Complete rewire. 👍
      New points.👍
      Re-timed and a new head gasket.👍
      Carb rebuild. 👍
      Full service. 👍
      My daughter is gonna use it this year. She has just under 1/2 an acre to cut.
      Now the challenge is the c120. Picked this up in Jan. Price was right and I was really just after the motor but the rest of it just had to come home too. Not sure if it's all there but the fun will be in finding out. So far I figure a broken clutch pedal and one rotted tire. The po had already taken it apart to restore but other things got in the way. The motor is stout and roars like a tiger.
      I'm  gonna put it all back together first...... fix what I find then tear down to restore. 
      It's the transmission I don't know about. Po said it works fine......... Hmmmmm.
      Don't know much about them at the moment but "forum" research ans help here I come!!!
      Transaxle oil is low but clean and the tow valve doesn't look like it's been loosened for a while. The frame sat outside for a year.
      Thought I might change the oil and run it with an electric motor to see?????
      The axles are free and smooth.
      Anything I should be careful of?????