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Hydro cold weather operation

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Yes, that's the issue with the old hydro design - the parking brake is off when the lever is down to engage the belt to drive the hydro. Get off that seat and it's motion control arm (even on the '73 no-name) can vibrate and away it goes...lol. I've intentionally left the old 1277's lever arm set loose - allows me to run it with the brake/clutch pedal while mowing or moving material. My son in law ran it once and got off that seat, then had to chase it across the back yard and shut the key off to avoid being ran over by a 1,000lb+ Horse, lol. Lesson learned, once he understood how it's built now he follows the rules. I had a short frame 876 for awhile - it nearly removed one of the shed doors when it decided to leave the barn and go play, gladly the latch broke so it just kicked the door wide open. Neighbor guy named it Christine - that one was possessed anyway.


None are nearly as bad as the old Land Cruiser. No clutch switch, straight six and a dicey parking brake - it's tried to kill me several times , hence it's name - The AntiChrist.



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