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Carburetor kit 312-H

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I'm having issues locating a carburetor kit for my 1990 312-H (31-12KE01), Partstree shows a kit for Kohler carbs 12 757 13 but they no longer sell it, the number does however come up & it looks correct but unsure. My carb is a Walbro and has WHG710090 on the flange but I come up empty with that number, the carb is still mounted so there may be another number I've overlooked.  Any suggestions?

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Thanks, I got to looking in my barn and found a new 12-757-03 kit I use on my newer Kohler Commands CV series that uses the Walbro LMK carbs which appears to be different than the WHG. I did however email the seller to see what he has. Found another number on my flange 4705386. I found a old reference chart on Kohler carbs with a kit number but I think it has changed  http://www.smallenginesuppliers.com/html/engine-specs/kohler/Kohler_Carburetor_Reference_Manual_TP-2377-E.pdf

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Looking on this reference guide on page 17 figure 3.9 I think I found my kit number as 25 757 08

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