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Wheel Horse B-80 videos

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Hey Guys! I thought some folks might be interested in a couple Wheel horse videos I posted on Youtube. I bought a B-80 last years and these videos are from wrenching on that tractor.............Like MOST of us, I had to get another WH, so this fall I added a 310-8 to my collection and then a plow! I'm far from done though! 

Here are a couple vids featuring my B-80.  Hope you enjoy!    https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=PostPgGDrQo   https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=chMZNoFqoU0


Here are some tractor pics too. Hope you all enjoy the videos.P1010005.jpg.b536eb78a9c12e0bf92867b133100370.jpgP1010006.jpg.3c75af49170c689f0977b860a2cd2e89.jpgP1010004.jpg.b16c6bf94840ed21b8dcbdda1c7fc22c.jpgP1010002.jpg.7c93c588a70edefc8d0153c701e06ce1.jpg


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Nice looking team you got there.

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Thanks hm12460!   The 310-8 has 1500 hours on her but runs so smooth, I wonder if she's been re-powered. The B-80 is my go to for hauling wood. I bought that tractor for $100 and it got me totally hooked on Horses.


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