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Front Mower Carrier

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Added YouTube link, unable to upload video
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Very cool. Thanks for sharing the video. 

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    • Duramax7man7
      By Duramax7man7
      Very Solid tractor!

      Newer Agro Tires on Rear and Solid Front Turf Tires. Wheel Weights on rear. Fully Swapped Forward Swept axle off of 520h. I ran my 60" Deck on this tractor for over a year with no issues. 
      Deck it solid top to bottom with no rot and newer blades. Belt and Pulley are good to go! 
      She's just a little dusty and needs a cleaning. Can get a nice Seat a Tractor Supply. 
      $1175 OBO   -POOS

      (248) 9for3-8six3four Text or Call. I do not visit this site enough. God Bless. 

      NEW SEAT INSTALLED ON THIS TRACTOR! Started it up and ran it for a while yesterday... Forgot how nice this thing is. Tempting to keep it but it's time to send her one her way. GREAT TRACTOR! 


    • Goldnboy
      By Goldnboy
      Recently I have come across a solution for the 3/4" deck spindle shafts that have the 2"+ big nut on the blade end. Every one I have come across are spinning and make blade changes difficult!
      Cut the nut off with sawzall and  thread the shaft down with a die and then thread on a 3/4NF jam nut to the end of the threads (use blue locktite ). I measure the distance from the pulley end of shaft to the front of the big nut before removing so that I thread the shaft down the correct distance.
      You will notice in the picture the big nut vibrated loose before i could finish cutting it. This is my 5th repair like this. Makes me wonder if others are doing the same.
    • Elijah’s Wheel Horse 417A
      By Elijah’s Wheel Horse 417A
      Hello all, I recently inherited a Wheel Horse 417-A from my Late Grand-Father. It has been leaking from the Oil Pressure Sensor and I can’t seem to find this particular sensor anywhere If you could give me some leads that would be great! The engine is a KT17 Series II it smokes right under the muffler coming from the sensor i would like to fix it as it has the mowing deck, 2 Tillers, snow plow/dozer, snow blower, and 2 cabs this tractor is very centimental to me and it runs amazing other than this little part!! Also if you could provide any information on this particular model that would be great! Thanks!
    • oliver2-44
      By oliver2-44
      I refurbished my 1985  Side Discharge Deck model j05-42MS04. And my son started mowing with it this summer on the 312-8. I've read many threads about these WH decks mowing low but were Texas newbies when it comes to mowing with them
      So mowing low is a known issue but has anyone come up with a solution?      
      Since these decks are free floating has anyone tried installing larger rear deck wheels??  I'm thinking larger front roller would not help since if. I understand correctly these should not always be touching. 
      Im looking for ideas ?  
      I need a picture of the finished deck but you can see from these pics I completely disassembled the deck, replaced all bearing and sliders etc. Took it to bare metal. Did some straightening And repainted it. 

    • Fungus221
      By Fungus221
      Hi everyone I have a 312-8 wheel horse over here in the UK. and I have just repaired the mower deck I beleve it is Model: A5-42MS02, as it had become rether ventilated.  hole were there should not be holes.
      On putting back to gether I can ont find if there is a proper way to align the blades.
      has anyone got an idea how they align or does it not matter?  can i just bolt them back on any old how?
      heres a photo of my wheel horse.

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