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314-8 blowing fuses

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My 314-8 is blowing fuses when I try and start it.  I was having problems starting it before.  My dad took a screw driver to jump to points to start it.  Now I'm not sure if he ended up messing up a relay or some other part.  I noticed the plug going to key looks a little melted.


Not sure If I can check key with volt meter or the plug to the key.

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You can hook a test light across the two fuse terminals to save fuses. As long as the short exists it will light the light. Keep in mind anything else that is turned on and using power like a relay will also activate the light. Disconnect items until the light goes out.

Pay attention to wires around the steering shaft below the dash. The shaft turning against a wire will wear the insulation off leaving an almost invisible bit of bare wire shorting against the shaft. Look for a flat worn area in the insulation.



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