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3/12 attention

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So I sold my two other tractors. Unfortunately I just don't have the room. I kept my first. The 3/12. Why? It's in great shape, 12hp magnum runs perfect and what's tougher than a cast iron kohler? The 8 speed is simple, needs a clutch spring but other wise perfect and this tractor has the 1 1/8" axles. 

I put a facet fuel pump in last year and am very happy with it. Changed fluids and that's it. 

I kept the 8" wheels off the work horse and put deestones on today. Looks awesome. I plan on adding 8" front wheels, arear rock shaft and some other stuff too. I have the mower and bag for it and the 48" plow which was awesome last winter. I will also put my 2" receiver on this one too. 

Forgive the mess we are still unpacking and I still have to set up my shop.






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That's a dandy looking worker and I love the look of those deestone ags. Sweet! :thumbs2:

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Thank you. It's dusty right now. I am going to use some rubbing compound to clean the haze off the paint then polish it up. 

I sold the work horse and snowblower for a good amount. Plan was to use the cash to then by a nice low hour 4/18 C. $1400 no attachments. Seemed high. So after talking to the wife I decided to take half of what I made on the sale and put it into this one. The tires cost me $200, including dis-mount/mount. Don't know if that's high or not but I like Ken jones tire and they had them ready in 2hours

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953 nut
2 hours ago, Red144runner said:

I plan on adding 8" front wheels

312-8 is a good choice! You may want to consider getting a pair of shorter spindles from a 418 or 520 or other tractor that came with 8" front tires.


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I'd like to put a swept front axle with reduction steering on (who wouldn't) but in the mean time I'll look for the 4-500 spindles

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      I’m trying to restore my grandfathers old 252-H to use around my property. The tires are shot and the rims aren’t too far behind. Anyone have any recommendations for rims and tires that would fit well on it? 
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      But while I was at this, I thought I could do a good quick once over on the deck to make sure I am ready for the season.
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      Get new rear tires (since they squeak)
      And that's about it
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      Where does everyone get the hardware (bearings, wheels for these rebuilds?)

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