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Rob R

Not A Wheel Horse but Whose Complaining

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On ‎6‎/‎19‎/‎2017 at 8:20 PM, elcamino/wheelhorse said:

You did a nice job on that. How long did it take to restore?

Two weeks of pretty straight work.... but realize this is not a new to me as I have done six or more.... key is always to get the parts you need prior and of course wait until your desire to start and and complete gets to the overflow "getter done" stage...... 

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    • By mhlmeader
      Hi folks, It was suggested I start a build thread on this little project Im gonna attempt.  And I gotta admit, Im a little nervous about it, cause I've never tried it before.  My personal ground rules for this are keep it fun and keep it simple.  I`ve watched several youtube videos of hit/miss garden tractors and some of them are mechanical works of art.  But "dammit Jim!" I`m an electrician, not a mechanical engineer.  So here goes!!!
        I picked up this sears suburban yesturday.  Its a hot mess.  Got it from a nice old timer about an hour away from me.  Kohler engine seems to run very good, and the tractor would drive, But no reverse.  My initial thought was thats a deal breaker for me.  My assumption was that the tranny was similar to alot of other tractors in that it had multiple gears inside it...1,2,3 and a reverse.  I didnt want to tackle trying to fix that sorta thing.   Well, i was wrong, and actualy the fella explained to me how the reverse was belt driven and he could never get it to work, and probably just needed adjusting or a proper belt.  Hmmmmmm..ok!!  So anyway, got the tractor brought it home.  
       If anybody has any insight as to the model and year of this tractor please chime in, i was told it was a 1965 Suburban.?
      Came with bits and pieces of the original engine also.......

    • By mhlmeader
      Hi folks, picked this up this evening.  Not much there to look at, but most of my motivation was looking for a decent prospect to put a hit and miss engine on.  The kohler actually runs pretty well though.  And the original motor came with it, although pretty much only in bits a pieces.  Only real concern right now is i cant get reverse to work, hopefully some searchin will instill some answers.  
        Probably gonna just try to get revervse fuctional first. Then try to fit a hit/miss to it and see how it goes, if it turns out decent, ill think about tearing it down and doing some cleaning and painting.  Im thinkink of using a Stover model k 1 1/2 hp hit and miss.  Anywho just sharing, mike