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What better way to spend a gorgeous September afternoon  than harvesting your potatoes (I can think of quite a lot of nicer things to do, but it does feel rewarding). :)





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Farmer where did you get those potato bags at? Do you store them in those bags all year? How long can you store them? In what type of room do you store them in? It would be nice if you had another thread that talked about after you harvest stuff. IE what you do with it so it can last till you need it. I've already done a lot of research on this, but you seam to have mastered it. 

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Sorry l haven't replied sooner obone, I'm certainly no expert but here's what I do. 


Bags are paper sourced from a local agri feed merchant. 

Potatoes store well in them till spring. 

Stored in an outbuilding on a pallet (if it gets really cold I cover the bags with an old duvet). 

I grow two varieties which are known to be  good keepers and that do well in my soil. 

Cut and clear off the haulm a couple of weeks before you plan to harvest ( helps to toughen the skins for better storage). 

Lift 'clean' dry potatoes, only bag undamaged, desease free tubers. 

Handle carefully. 

During the winter tip out the bags every couple of months, discard the bad ones and re bag the good. 

The real trick is finding a variety that suits your garden.  

Hope this helps.  :)

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Crops in the garden are getting few and far between, brussel sprouts, cabbage and leeks will continue to come in over winter but the final main crop harvest is butternut squash. 

A job for the weekend. :)







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