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wheel Horse c120 wiring harness NEW IN SEALED PACKAGE

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Just letting everyone know I have a brand new new sealed package wiring harness for a wheel horse c120

i bought out a small engine repair shop of all their NOS parts. Mostly chain saw, trimmer parts but this gem was in the box. They use to be a wheel horse dealer. It is the only wheel horse part I found. Available this week on eBay our user name is caseyfamily9102

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    • Joe Warren
      By Joe Warren
      New Old Stock Wheel Horse 37” Snow Thrower
      Wheel Horse part # 06-37SX01   1979-86
      Used on tractor models:            
      B-81, B-82, B-85, B-111, B-112, B-115, B-116, B-165, B-186
      LT-832, LT-1100, LT-1136, LT-1137, LT-1600, LT-1637. LT-1642,
      SB-371, YT-12-A,
      208-3, 211-3, 211-5, 211-A, 216-5, 
      New Old Stock, fresh out of its original shipping carton, $399
       Local pick up in Easton MA (I may be able to deliver to southern New England and Tristate area)
      Please private message me if you have any questions.
      Thank you,

    • firemanironman
      By firemanironman
      I picked up a wheel horse and I am having trouble finding the connection for this wire. I have no spark and  have searched for the placement of this wire within the distance of its length...any ideas?...can't seem to paste the picture....

    • Chuck14025
      By Chuck14025
      C120, 1974/75 
      I added braces and shims to the rear end of the frame to beef up the cracked existing 'frame to transmission bracket'. Now, the parking brake does not engage. 
      The shims are about 1/8" and have to stay on. 
      Is there a way to adjust the parking brake?
    • dannyj74
      By dannyj74
      Hi new to the group.
      I just picked up a C81 that needs alot of tlc.
       The wiring harness has been butchered pretty bad. Are there any aftermarket ones I could purchase?
    • The Gman
      By The Gman
      Finished up work on the A800 ranger. Time to figure out the c120.
      The ranger got;
      Complete rewire. 👍
      New points.👍
      Re-timed and a new head gasket.👍
      Carb rebuild. 👍
      Full service. 👍
      My daughter is gonna use it this year. She has just under 1/2 an acre to cut.
      Now the challenge is the c120. Picked this up in Jan. Price was right and I was really just after the motor but the rest of it just had to come home too. Not sure if it's all there but the fun will be in finding out. So far I figure a broken clutch pedal and one rotted tire. The po had already taken it apart to restore but other things got in the way. The motor is stout and roars like a tiger.
      I'm  gonna put it all back together first...... fix what I find then tear down to restore. 
      It's the transmission I don't know about. Po said it works fine......... Hmmmmm.
      Don't know much about them at the moment but "forum" research ans help here I come!!!
      Transaxle oil is low but clean and the tow valve doesn't look like it's been loosened for a while. The frame sat outside for a year.
      Thought I might change the oil and run it with an electric motor to see?????
      The axles are free and smooth.
      Anything I should be careful of?????

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