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Tractor of the Month ... Continue or Not?

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I have waited to make my statement on the "Tractor of the Month" feature, so here it is.


When the idea first started, I thought it was fun. Then I started to detect a little rumbling about how certain tractors or members always seem to win, or how other members never seem to win. Nothing blatant, but it was there. Then there was the fact that some members only have one tractor, and some members have a tractor for every month. Some only have workers, others have only show tractors, and still others have both.


I was asked one time when I came back from the Wheel Horse Collectors Club show if my tractor had won a prize. I said no, there are no prizes. That would defeat the whole purpose of the show, which is supposed to be a gathering of people of like mind and hobby. Many with great talents and others with none. But it's a place where everyone shares one common thing, the love of Wheel Horse. Stories are shared, and friends come together. We look, we admire, we laugh, we joke, and we generally have a great time for two or three days, but we never expect to come home with a prize. Then we can't wait to do it all over again the next year.


I think of RedSquare as a sort of mini-Wheel Horse show that goes on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No prizes needed to keep me interested.


I remember a few years back someone suggested a "member of the month" contest. Thank goodness that one died an early death.

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I like the tractor of the month forum.  I visit Red Square almost every day to see what is new or being discussed.  The tractor of the month forum is at the bottom of the page and I often forget that it is there or don't get to it.  Maybe we could try putting it at the top of the list for awhile to see if it gets more action.


We all like pictures and stories and the tractor of the month forum is all pictures with stories.  It is also a great forum to learn about the various years and models of the Wheel Horse brand.

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