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MacKissic Shredder

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Finally got around to sharing this.... B)

This is a MacKissic shredder:


Sorry the Charger is naked, I am still waiting for my friend to finish painting it. In the meanwhile the horse has work to do!

Here are some closeups of my custom mounting "system" B)


Note that since this is a 1969 Charger it has the "optional" front hitch that bolts to the side.

Here is a detail of the mount. The black piece is flat steel bolted to the shredder. The washers are to push the bushing far enough in so the inside bolt clears the lock-arm of the hitch.



I had originally thought I would need a lift mechanism to prevent to much tension on the belt. In fact I found a snow blower flag can quite nicely bolted to a 2x4 to create lifts (and this idea will be used with my trip bucket conversion project). However, once I put this on and got a belt I found that the weight of the shredder was about the right amount of tension.

So this was a successful project B) There you have it, attachment pictures as well as custom mount pictures in one post. :banana:

PS - the belt is a 59 inch. I got it right on my first guess :whistle: . It is just a fractional belt, I'll buy a proper belt when this wears out. Also note that MacKissic says the rotor should run at 2300 RPM +/- 150 RPM. With the pulleys at shown I have to run the engine at about 1/3 to 1/2 throttle.

PPS - discussion thread is here: http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/index.php?act=ST&f=4&t=4741

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