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New some basic answers to get K301 back running

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Ok. I think I have decided to keep my c121. Got the battery charged. New set of points. Just rebuilt the carb. Some new oil and fuel.

I used to have to hotwire it to get it running. I ran a wire from the + terminal of the battery to the coil. This was the only way I could get spark.

I would then have to jump the start solinoid to get it to turn over. Then it would run.

Can someone give me some pointers to get her running again. I have good compression and when it ran last fall it ran pretty strong, Besides these ignition issues everything appears normal.

Really want to get her running without all the drama.



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Do you have a wiring diagram? Did you check the ignition and safety switches? Did you make sure all wires are plugged in - including the ammeter connections? :thumbs:

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Ok. got her running today. Had to hot wire it but at least got it running. With starter fluid.

Cleaned the points again.

I did rebuild the carb but does not seem like there is fuel getting to the cylinder.

I did replace the fuel pump 2 yrs ago.

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