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Dennis A. Ryan

Mower decks for my Tractor 267 hydro

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Dennis A. Ryan

I have a toro/wheelhorse tractor 267 hydro,  model number 72085, serial 8901632.

I have the original 38” recycler mower deck it came with. I’m the only owner. This deck works fine, but I’m looking for a larger compatible deck for it.

New replacement decks are no longer available but I have found a 48” deck for sale, that I think will work?

The deck I’m looking at is  ”toro wheelhorse  48” mower for lawn and garden tractors model no. 78261- 9900001 & Up”. My search online says my tractor accepts model 78260- 48” deck. Is there a incompatible difference in model 78260 and 78261?


not sure if 78261 is the mower deck model number or the model number of the lawn and garden tractors it fits.

any advice?

I thought someone on this site might know more than any Toro/wheelhorse repair shop personnel who’ve probably moved on to sell another brand as Toro does not make tractors any longer.

contacted Toro directly who referred me to an authorized repair place recommending I take the tractor to them to look at. I haven’t bought the 48” deck and it’s 150 miles from me to the seller. I have nothing to compare as I don’t have the 48” deck but it appears to all be there,

figured toro would know the equipment they’ve sold even if it’s older, but obviously not? 

I’ve realized there is a glaring downside of taking great care of any piece of equipment, that being, parts will eventually become out of stock or unavailable which frustrates me greatly.


To many people just buy a new product when their machine breaks or needs parts. It’s become a “throw away world”!


any help would be appreciated.






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There may be a difference but the 78260 was replaced by 78261.

You could compare the ipl's



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