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Wheel Horse 3D

Steering Wheel Inserts

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Wheel Horse 3D

When it comes to steering wheel inserts we actually have 2 listings.

1. Factory style 2.5 or 1.6 inch diameter in unfinished, one color paint, or tri color paint which can be found here:Factory style steering wheel inserts


2. Customizable inserts are available in 2.5, and a 1.8 inch silicone friendly. The 2.5 inch is a customized version of the factory 2.5, and the 1.8 inch silicone friendly is custom designed to silicone or otherwise glue over the center of a steering wheel that did not originally have an insert. Both are customized with your choice of head and wheel just like the hood ornaments and headlight bezels. And can be ordered unfi ished or custom painted. Customized inserts are available here:Customized steering wheel inserts






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