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    Happy Birthday @dells68, we are all glad you were born!
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    Working on my horses or on the farm is my relaxation. I can forget about any other worries!
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    Made it through the workday. Picking up Japanese for supper. Then on to the shop to work on my 857. Man this high life is killing me.
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    If you do not have a press you can try a method i have resorted to a couple times. You have to remove the dash housing and steering column as a unit.. Free up the shaft collar under the dash. Clean the steering shaft and slide the collar and dash down the shaft out of the way. Clamp it horizontally in a vice put a 2x4 under the steering wheel hub to support it and it will make driving out the roll pin easier (drill a hole in the 2X4 to accommodate the pin as it comes out). After the roll pin is out stand the unit vertically in a vice with the gear end sitting against the vice. Climb up on a step stool use an appropriate size socket (impact type is best if you have one). Then use a BFH to drive the wheel down the shaft on to the part you have cleaned up. Then clean up the end you just uncovered and it should slide off easily.
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    Happy Birthday Dell , @stevasaurus sure is a shame these kids are complaining about be in there 40's isn't it. Age is only as old as you feel. My left side feels 50 today , the right side isn't sending me any messages.
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    The last one I removed I soaked it in pb blaster for about 3-4 weeks. Then the roll pin removed pretty easily with a roll pin punch. I then used a bearing separator/puller to get the steering wheel off. The key I have found is to put pressure on the wheel with the puller and then give it a few decent whacks with a hammer, then tighten up again. Also remember, patience lol Good Luck! Mike
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    I think you will find that the little 8 HP Tecumseh will be more than adequate for the machine and anything you want to throw at it. I put mine through her paces more than a few times, as long as I could get traction, moving anything wasn't a problem. Mine had a 2" ball on the back, and regularly was used to drag my trailers in and out of my backyard as it was easier to do with the tractor than the pickup, also moved several non running tractors around the place with it. This was on cleanup duty after last years ice storm...the little V8 and my C125 both got worked pretty hard for a few weeks after that ordeal
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    Yes, you can use another crankshaft. The engines are the same except for the gear teeth on the PTO end of the crank.
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    Ericj, Where's the $1.00 a cup coffee in Red Lion, I might drive there for a cup some morning. Not much around for less than 2 bucks. Gary
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    Thanks guys! Another year older and deeper in debt. Seems like I've heard that in a song before. Was talking with @ACman the other day. Seems he, @stevebo, and I are all right there together. What happens to time? I was a young guy running around in my 52 Ford yesterday and now it's 29 years later! Even worse, it just seems like yesterday that I was pulling Poppy around in a tub cart behind his Wheel Horse, but I was only about 5!!
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    @roadapples @WNYPCRepair Quote from the Red Square classifieds. We can’t do anything for a failed EBay or Craigslist transaction but if it’s happening here we can. “You may report a failed transaction to the moderator administration team which will be evaluated for repeat offenders. Any effort to deliberately deceive or defraud members will result in expulsion from the forum.”
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    They only made 417 for two years 85/86 I really don't think the "year" has any relevance to the value.
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    I have found that once the shaft and tower are out as Paul suggested you clamp it in a vice upside down, take a torch and heat the shaft an inch or more from the steering wheel hub until it is red hot, the heat will migrate down into the hub without harming the steering wheel. Apply paraffin wax or candle wax to the shaft and it will migrate down into the joint. After the shaft has cooled do as Paul said and drive it down first. Don't do this until it has cooled because the heat has expanded the shaft until it cools.
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    .... I’d wait until @Aldon figures out what he’s going to sell and put that hard earned money into something you know is going to be a good tractor.
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    1973 must’ve been a good year for the finer things in life but .... My body feels 90 , people say I look 35 , and my mind is stuck at 16 . Getting old sucks !
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    Yeah. I don't think I'm going to paint this one until next winter. Never know though. I put the b80 paint job on hold for a few months because of weather, and this project. My honey has been working on a sanding and refinishing of an antique oak table that was badly damaged. It's coming out absolutely amazing. Couple nights ago she says to me - maybe I could paint your tractor? Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy.
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    No time to work on the C yesterday but I did get a couple interesting packages in the mail...... Looks like this 'll work great !! Thanks Josh !!
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    U guys are just about amazing..... Last evening... I started to push the wheel horse in neutral and i actually found it to be "heavy" compared to mine. So.... from all your advice: I started to "flush" the transmission, when i removed the "bolt"...Something happend... What came out of it...I can only describe as... How a little child must feel about dessert, how she/he thinks it is....when he/she really doesnt want it. It was so thick, it actually had a little test. Last night when i got home with a sample, i put in a small wooden rod, this morning....it was still there ! After "flushing" a couple times new oil in (ill change that again) ...its much better...the owner says it never shifted that good and its easy to push hihi.. So on behalf of him .....THANK YOU ALL
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    I have been bugging Charlie for years to sell me this one. I thank him for passing it along. Been doing some slight modifications and changes but the build and look is just cool. Thought I would share some photos with everyone. May name it the "Twin Killer" ... lol (inside joke)
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    Still fighting with one of the hubs on Ray's tractor, this thing has been getting soaked in PB Blaster (maybe not the best but I can get all of it I want free from work ), its been heated, and I've got about all the tension I can put on it with the puller without breaking anything. And it still refuses to budge. An old mechanic friend once told me every job has 7 curse words, trick is you gotta get them in the right order and things will fall together, I've cursed this thing with about every combination of words I can come up with and it still isn't coming offIf anyone here has any tips, tricks, or suggestions I'm open to hearing them. Oh and my new shop helper Khaleesi wanted to say hi to everyone here on RedSquare
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    It's held on with a roll pin, not a retaining ring. I recently had to remove one and had to let it soak for several weeks. Fortunately I wasn't in any rush but it finally broke free.
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    I came across a screaming deal on a K91 year reduction engine. $40 said ran last year. I’m assuming the crankshaft on the pto side is different. Are the blocks the same ? My question is could I use a crank out of another K91 (I think I have two) . I have one engine that my exhaust port just designated making it useless. I’d be sure to check clearances (std. -.010 ) on crank and rod . My thinking is you can never have to many K91’s around especially at this price .
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    My connection to Wheel Horse isn't quite to hobby level. ....yet. .... We got one tractor because of necessity. I got the other one because I really like the first one and wanted something a little stronger. I'll get there. ..sometime. Someone on here said they could definitely justify ...1 tractor per Implement. I'm going to go with that. My honey claims she's not specifically interested in tractors, although she has admitted the first vintage Rangers were - cute -. She's definitely a Hands-On type person and very much into improving things and working on stuff in general. You think I'm going to take advantage of that? Well yeah!
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    Happy Birthday Dell I think I met you at last year's Big Show but I can't remember for sure. That's what you have to look forward to when you get my age. So don't worry Be happy.
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    best way to get them to understand what goes into this hobby..... get them involved. Mine likes the tractors but don't know if she would want to work on them. We'll see when we get to the 417 she has claimed as the one she wants.
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    You bet !! I asked her - have you ever used an auto body grinder? She seems pretty interested! We might be able to make this happen.
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    That would be a super neat couple project! If you guys decide to do that together, I want to see some of her working on the sheet metal and paint.
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    i think the series 1 Kohlers were long gone by the time this tractor was built. I have a 417-8 with electric lift and I like it so much I went and found an electric lift setup to put on my C-175/Mag12 8 speed. if the machine has a louvered hood, it's an electric lift. I think they only made these (417's) for 2 years, and only one year had the lift oh... and BTW. i paid $350 for it with a nice 42" deck and an almost new plow... of course it wasn't running at the time. Kept blowing a fuse when you tried to start it. the guy had put new ignition switch and solenoid on it, but didn't tighten the solenoid! couple turns of a wrench and WALLA!! it's my favorite machine... for now... lol
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    That's what I was thinking wherever you go there are a lot of members all over the US who would be willing to store some horses until you find out exactly what you're doing and where you're going to end up. Might be a good idea to store some near your home now if you can find anyone close enough until you find a more permanent place and if you do decide to sell any you would have more time. If you do end up staying at home you can always bring them back if you store them nearby
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    And the dog says." They get mad at me for making a mess back here and then they load a tractor in ! What's this world coming too? "
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    As promised in my New Shop Thread over in Non-Tractor Related Discussion, here is a thread to document the progress of my very special to me C141. For those of you who don't know the background story on this particular tractor, my good friend Ray purchased this tractor brand new with a mower deck and tiller attachment. Ray is the guy who first introduced me to the Wheel Horse brand, as they are not very common around here, we see more John Deere machines than anything. Ray used this tractor around his farmhouse for several years, but traded it to another good friend of his shortly after retiring and moving to town. After seeing my love for these little red tractors and my collection growing, he was able to get ahold of the friend who had the tractor, and work out a deal for me to purchase it from him. The mower deck has been gone for several years now, but I was able to purchase the tractor and tiller. This tractor will be strictly a show/parade machine, so the tiller is soon to be mounted on my worker C125 before spring. This is how the tractor came to me, minus the rear fenders, which are currently on the C125 until I can find another set for it Muffler was in very sad shape, practically fell off in my hand when I grabbed ahold of it. Also was surprised that I didn't find all the engine tins completely packed with rat/mice nest, as this tractor has been sitting outside under a tree for the last 5 years. Here is after the engine was removed, I have got to invest in a better way of lifting things around my shop. I can remember the day when picking up a K-Series by hand was nothing...not anymore...my shoulder hurt for two days after this step Evidently at some point a battery has leaked all over this machine, the battery tray and parts of the hood stand are ate up with rust pretty bad in some places, will probably be looking for some of those parts off a parts tractor in the near future Going to be needing some pulleys as well, I think every pulley on this thing is bent in at least one spot. And it sat outside with next to nothing left of the rubber shift boot for so long that is has some transmission issues. I pulled the dipstick when I first got it home, no oil, no water, only caked on layers of rust and scale. It was locked up, hence the black marks all over my fresh white floor. I have since got it to where the wheels will turn and it will shift into 3rd and reverse, but will not go into 1st or 2nd or shift between hi/lo. I'm sure I'll have lots of questions there when the time comes to open her up Frame of the tractor seems to be in good solid shape, front axle pivot pin came out super easy and shows no signs of abnormal wear. Spindles are good where they go in the axle, not so much where the wheel slides on. This poor thing must have been ran for years with the front wheel bearings gone to cut that deep of a groove into the spindle. I will get better pics of that next time I'm over at the shop. Much to my surprise, the RH wheel hub slipped right off without the slightest bit of trouble, couldn't get that lucky with the LH one though, its been a week and still haven't gotten it off. And this is how she sets in my shop right now. Sorry for the long winded post, there are about two weeks of work in this first post, tried to post from my phone the other night but was having trouble with it. Bought a new computer today so its much easier to post and upload pics now. Will update everyone as I make more progress.
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    The three jaw puller is likely to end up breaking your hub. Use the other hub, five 3/8" by 5 or 6" bolts (not three like in the picture) and a 1" bolt and nut as a driver to make a puller.
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    Got the carb in the mail today. The main butterfly binds just a bit in the bore so I got out the hobby files and gave it a bit more freedom. You can see a small spot on the "floor" to the left of the shaft that was a rub point. I'm thinking I may remove the butterfly and fine sand the bore to smooth it out. Also, the screws on both butterflies are only held in with lock washers. No locktite. I'll be adding that before installation as well.
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    Got the trans split open. Kind of nasty inside. Hi/Lo shift fork has a lot of wear. The gears have some wear also on the teeth. I will try and get the other shafts out and inspected next day or so and get a parts list together. Let me know what you guys think or see thus far
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    To help you out with your neutral issue I took a pic of an Eaton trans that I had laying around. I'm not sure what the P.O. had it rigged up for. Circled in yellow is the speed/direction control lever. Circled in red is the neutral pin. It should be 90 degrees to the speed/direction control. This is the pin that was nonexistent on the transmission that was in the Charger V8 that I worked on. There wasn't even a place to install the neutral pin. If you do not have this pin on your tranny, then it is not equipped with a neutral/free wheel option. Hope this is helpful.
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    ACman I've already been to that same Web site. And I'll email them to see if they carry 1in heated pleats. But I must have marine grade uv ,sun resistance fabric. I'm not going cheap stuff for seats. As of now all my material I order is from Sailrite because of there Quility even thought it's a little more expensive. But they only have 1 1/2in pleated white. So I'm looking over the Web for 1in black and off white marine grade. I'll keep posting as I make progress.
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    That is good news. These transmissions are pretty much bullet proof. I would use it this winter and change the oil again in the spring.
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    Not sure where to post it.... Did some work outside....couple branches came down last storm..had to clean it up.i Its just about starting to freez outside, but with the sun....and company lovely day !
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    thanks everyone for the feedback and yep once it gets a little warmer outside i will run a jumper from the plus side of the coil to the battery 'the points are clean and open as they should plus the gap is correct 'and thanks for the wiring diagram that sure will help '
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    The 8hp Kohler is one of the most underrated engines built - they put out more torque than most would believe for such a small engine and are tough as nails. Wish I'd kept the 876 I had - nice short frame that if weighted correctly would make a great plow tractor due to being so easy to maneuver versus the long frame models. Besides, it has that elegant hood and wood grains of the period - nothing else looks like them. Sarge
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    geez, what was in there? appel/suikerstroop?
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    Nice score on that Charger V8. I used to have its cousin the Commando V8 (same engine but 3 speed transmission). While not as popular or desirable as the horizontal engine tractors, they are very capable little machines, mine proved itself several times after our big ice storm last January, really hated to see it go but my neighbor had a couple chainsaws I needed and he needed a tractor to pull his fertilizer spreader and sprayer, so we traded. There is a manual for the Charger/Commando V8s in the manuals section here, I will see if I can find it again and post a link for you. Here is the manual I found, your tractor like mine is probably a '70 model. This manual is for the '69 models, but I found nearly everything to be the same as my '70. Hope this helps, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, lots of very knowledgable people here who are more than happy to help you out
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    I'm not touching this question! But I considered myself a regular and I didn't know about your relocation! Further north? <grin> We could ride together to shows!
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    For the purpose of testing you can remove the wire to the coil"+" and replace it with a jumper to the battery "+", that should get you a spark if the points are working.
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    I'm not too concerned about the long term affects of the lead, the Carbon Monoxide will kill you long before the lead poisoning can cause neurological changes.
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    Made some more progress tonight. Lots of metal in the gear box oil so i prep it and got her ready to split cases open. Found a small crack on the underside. Hope its a casting mark and not damage from ice freezing up inside. Time will tell.
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