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    Happy Birthday @dells68, we are all glad you were born!
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    Ericj, Where's the $1.00 a cup coffee in Red Lion, I might drive there for a cup some morning. Not much around for less than 2 bucks. Gary
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    Thanks guys! Another year older and deeper in debt. Seems like I've heard that in a song before. Was talking with @ACman the other day. Seems he, @stevebo, and I are all right there together. What happens to time? I was a young guy running around in my 52 Ford yesterday and now it's 29 years later! Even worse, it just seems like yesterday that I was pulling Poppy around in a tub cart behind his Wheel Horse, but I was only about 5!!
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    @roadapples @WNYPCRepair Quote from the Red Square classifieds. We can’t do anything for a failed EBay or Craigslist transaction but if it’s happening here we can. “You may report a failed transaction to the moderator administration team which will be evaluated for repeat offenders. Any effort to deliberately deceive or defraud members will result in expulsion from the forum.”
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    Yeah. I don't think I'm going to paint this one until next winter. Never know though. I put the b80 paint job on hold for a few months because of weather, and this project. My honey has been working on a sanding and refinishing of an antique oak table that was badly damaged. It's coming out absolutely amazing. Couple nights ago she says to me - maybe I could paint your tractor? Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy.
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    No time to work on the C yesterday but I did get a couple interesting packages in the mail...... Looks like this 'll work great !! Thanks Josh !!
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    U guys are just about amazing..... Last evening... I started to push the wheel horse in neutral and i actually found it to be "heavy" compared to mine. So.... from all your advice: I started to "flush" the transmission, when i removed the "bolt"...Something happend... What came out of it...I can only describe as... How a little child must feel about dessert, how she/he thinks it is....when he/she really doesnt want it. It was so thick, it actually had a little test. Last night when i got home with a sample, i put in a small wooden rod, this morning....it was still there ! After "flushing" a couple times new oil in (ill change that again) ...its much better...the owner says it never shifted that good and its easy to push hihi.. So on behalf of him .....THANK YOU ALL
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    I have been bugging Charlie for years to sell me this one. I thank him for passing it along. Been doing some slight modifications and changes but the build and look is just cool. Thought I would share some photos with everyone. May name it the "Twin Killer" ... lol (inside joke)
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    Happy Birthday Dell I think I met you at last year's Big Show but I can't remember for sure. That's what you have to look forward to when you get my age. So don't worry Be happy.
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    best way to get them to understand what goes into this hobby..... get them involved. Mine likes the tractors but don't know if she would want to work on them. We'll see when we get to the 417 she has claimed as the one she wants.
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    You bet !! I asked her - have you ever used an auto body grinder? She seems pretty interested! We might be able to make this happen.
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    That would be a super neat couple project! If you guys decide to do that together, I want to see some of her working on the sheet metal and paint.
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    i think the series 1 Kohlers were long gone by the time this tractor was built. I have a 417-8 with electric lift and I like it so much I went and found an electric lift setup to put on my C-175/Mag12 8 speed. if the machine has a louvered hood, it's an electric lift. I think they only made these (417's) for 2 years, and only one year had the lift oh... and BTW. i paid $350 for it with a nice 42" deck and an almost new plow... of course it wasn't running at the time. Kept blowing a fuse when you tried to start it. the guy had put new ignition switch and solenoid on it, but didn't tighten the solenoid! couple turns of a wrench and WALLA!! it's my favorite machine... for now... lol
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    That's what I was thinking wherever you go there are a lot of members all over the US who would be willing to store some horses until you find out exactly what you're doing and where you're going to end up. Might be a good idea to store some near your home now if you can find anyone close enough until you find a more permanent place and if you do decide to sell any you would have more time. If you do end up staying at home you can always bring them back if you store them nearby
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    And the dog says." They get mad at me for making a mess back here and then they load a tractor in ! What's this world coming too? "
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    I’m glad it made it safely to you. Once you get to painting stuff, you’ll have to figure out if you will paint it red like factory or leave it black, or even paint it another accent color. Plenty of time for that though...
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    Nice score on that Charger V8. I used to have its cousin the Commando V8 (same engine but 3 speed transmission). While not as popular or desirable as the horizontal engine tractors, they are very capable little machines, mine proved itself several times after our big ice storm last January, really hated to see it go but my neighbor had a couple chainsaws I needed and he needed a tractor to pull his fertilizer spreader and sprayer, so we traded. There is a manual for the Charger/Commando V8s in the manuals section here, I will see if I can find it again and post a link for you. Here is the manual I found, your tractor like mine is probably a '70 model. This manual is for the '69 models, but I found nearly everything to be the same as my '70. Hope this helps, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, lots of very knowledgable people here who are more than happy to help you out
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    I'm not too concerned about the long term affects of the lead, the Carbon Monoxide will kill you long before the lead poisoning can cause neurological changes.
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    Well, I waited until tonight to give the seller time to respond on the Raider I tried to purchase on eBay. Still no response despite multiple attempts to contact him. eBay offered to give me his contact information to attempt to call and continue the purchase. I declined because I'm not a confrontational person. I then cancelled the PayPal payment. So, that's off. I think I might treat myself to a new set of turf tires for my C125 instead. Darn shame to run into dishonest or at least difficult sellers. Thank goodness for PayPal and eBay purchase guarantees. I'll still use eBay since this is my first negative experience in all my years of usage!
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    Maybe being gone will be her present!
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    Nope I think that's what is wrong with me. They didn't finish the job while I was on board the mother ship.
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