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Engines used 1956-1965

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The RJ-58 could come with a K-90 27107D (early), Later 58 units came with a Kohler K-91 31307A. Both these engine would be equipped with a Schnacke recoil unit with a backup rope starter contained under the recoil assembly. Late Model RJ-59 tractors with a Kohler would have a K-91 31388A with the Fairbanks recoil starter.


A gentleman had a RJ-59 with a serial number greater that 21000 which had the 31388A engine and the wider seat with no holes like the Suburban 400.


The 31307A and 31388A were K-91T engines. The only K-90T used was 27107D. The K-90 was used on the RJ-35 and early RJ-58's.


Ed Cole and I researched this issue in depth in 1999-2000. Additionally my Grandfather's RJ-59 had the K-91 31307A. Several others here can vouch for the fact that their RJ-58/59 has the K-91. Only the earliest RJ-58's had the K-90 as did the RJ-35. My RJ-58 serial 3796 has the K-90.


Additionally I have a full color brochure for the RJ-58 that states "Husky, quick-starting 4hp."

Also the RJ-35 did not use the Clinton B1290-1107 as did the RJ-58/59. The RJ-35 would have been equipped with the Clinton 1200-152 (1955-1956) Clinton 1200-184 (1956) and the Clinton 1200-2184 (1956-1957) along with the K-90 27107D. The 1200 & K-90 were 3.6 hp motors. The B1290 and K-91 were 4hp motors.


Tim did some research into the RJ-25 with the 2.5hp Briggs. I can't remember if that was a Model 6 or 8.

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