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WH61-90 #340 37in SD Mowers B-Series LT-Series.pdf

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Dated November 1982

Mower Rotary 1981 37in SD model 05-37MS01
Mower Rotary 1982 37in SD model 05-37MS01

Mower Rotary 1983 37in SD model 05-37MS02 - has been modified

1979 B-81 model 92-08BP01 in 1978-79 service manual is likely a mistake
1979 B-81 6-Speed model 92-08BF01
1979 B-111 4-Speed model 92-11BP01
1979 B-111 6-Speed model 92-11BF01
1979 B-111 6-Speed model 91-11BF91
1979 B-111 6-Speed model 92-11BF91
1979 B-111 6-Speed model 92-11BF92

1980 B-82 3-Speed model 02-08BP01
1980 B-112 3-Speed model 02-11BX01
1980 B-115 5-Speed model 02-11BP02
1980 B-165 Twin 5-Speed model 02-16BP01

1981 B-82 3-Speed model 02-08BP02
1981 B-82 3-Speed model 02-08BP03
1981 B-112 3-Speed model 02-11BX02
1981 B-112 3-Speed model 02-11BX03
1981 B-115 5-Speed model 02-11BP03
1981 B-115 5-Speed model 02-11BP04
1981 B-165 Twin 5-Speed model 02-16BP02
1981 B-165 Twin 5-Speed model 02-16BP03

1982 B-85 5-Speed model 02-08BX01
1982 B-115 5-Speed model 02-11BP05
1982 B-115 Automatic model 02-11BE01
1982 B-165 Twin 5-Speed model 02-16BP04
1982 B-165 Twin Automatic model 02-16BE01
1982 LT-832 3-Speed model A2-083201
1982 LT-1032 3-Speed model A2-103201
1982 LT-1137 5-Speed model A2-113701
1982 LT-1637 Twin 5-Speed model A2-163701
1982 LT-1642 Twin 5-Speed model A2-164201
1982 SB-371 3-Speed model 02-11BH01

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