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Price list 1958

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This is a September 1, 1957 dated Wheel Horse official price list from a recent purchase I made of a Wheel Horse. This item was included in the original 1958 tractor purchase materials.

Must be for the 1958 model year as the RJ-58 the only tractor listed.


Another 1958 Price List from Rasor and West, Distributors in Miami, Oklahoma -effective September 1, 1957


AC-6 Cultivator

CBR-32 Mower Sickle

DP-118 Harrow Disc - (Eight 11" discs)

EC-35 Starter Electric for RJ-35 (Clinton engine)

EK-35 Starter Electric for RJ-35 (Kohler engine)

FC-24 Seat cushion

FS-36 Spreader Fertilizer

FW-60 Weight Front weight

GC-3 Gun Grease

GM-60P Mower Reel Three gang (Pennsylvania)

GM-60Y Mower Reel Three gang (Yard-man)

LMR-30 Mower Reel

LR-24 Roller Lawn

LS-30 Sweeper Lawn

LTD-24 Trailer Dump

MU-35 Mulcher Leaf

PH-18 Harrow Spike tooth

PP-8 Plow turning 8in

RC-10 Coulter 10in

RJ-58 Wheel Horse Ride-Away 4hp

RMR-3256 Mower Rotary 32in

SC-15 Aerator Spike disc

SPR-42 Plow snow

TC-12 Chains Tire - Replaced by 8-2411 or 82411

WW-12 Weight Wheel

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