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    Evinrude E-Tec 25 hp outboard motor

    • Active
      Price: $1100/offer
      Location: O’fallon, Il
      Contact: PM

    I want to offer this here for a while before i put it on other sites.  

     2009 (I think) Evinrude E-Tec 25 hp.  Tiller.  Power trim and tilt.  20” shaft (long shaft).   Comes with good aluminum prop that I think is a 12” pitch.   You can remove the tiller and convert to remote if that’s your setup.  Probably weighs 165 pounds, so it’s not really a portable motor. 

    I can get pix of whatever you need after the weekend. 

    A new 25 hp in this configuration runs about $4500-$5300 depending on the manufacturer. Example

    good overall shape but has scratches and some peeling decals.  I bought used for a boat I ended up selling.  It has a

    chip out of the skeg so has hit at least a rock or two in its life.  I do not know the hours stored by the computer.  

    This motor is NOT ready to bolt on and go.  

    It NEEDS a new fuel pump (VST). This is the higher pressure pump to get fuel to the injectors, not the pump that sucks gas from the boat tank.  These are about $300 if you buy the full assembly Link that includes the vapor separator housing or you can get just the electric pump for about $50 and install it in the VST Link.   It probably would also benefit from a new water pump impeller  but it pumped water fine last time I ran it .

    Nota Bene:   As big of a fan as I am of these E-Tec engines, I want to be up front. The VST on this engine series is known to have the internal electric fuel pump go bad if the motor sits unused for long periods.  If you use it regularly, the pump is perfectly reliable.  I have another one of these 25’s that gets used semi-regularly and I’ve never changed the pump in the 10+ years I’ve had the motor…and that includes it sitting unused through the winter months. 


    I have not run this motor in about a year.    When I did last run it on earmuffs it started right up and idled but would fall on its face when throttled up.  At idle, the lift pump will give it enough fuel to keep It going.  

    i want it out of my way so am pricing it low enough that you can put some effort into it and still be in good shape. 




    Prefer you pick up in St Louis metro area, but can be palletized and shipped if you make arrangements and pay. Will ship from a loading dock in 63138.  Would guess 225 pounds on a 42” square pallet.  


    I do NOT have a title for this nor do I know how to get one.  I live in Illinois and my state does not require a title. If yours does (I’m talking to you, Missourians) I do not have any idea how you get one if you buy this from me. 

    Aside from the old Suzuki 3-cyl 25 two strokes and the elusive Tohatsu Mega 25, these E-Tec 25’s put every competing 25 horse to shame when it comes to torque and ability to plane a load.  It’s not even close with any of the crop of 4-strokes.  We have run them back to back and side by side with the Merc/Tohatsu, Suzuki, and Yamaha on identical boats and the E-Tec runs away from all of them out of the hole and maintains the lead when up on plane.  It still ticks me off that BRP quit selling them. 

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