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Not sure this is my first 520 and I've read a lot to stuff with electrical issues I have gone through and clean them up and it was working fine. and then I noticed that now when I turn the key to the start position the voltmeter pins itself all the way to the left like there's a short somewhere. and I do not hear any clicking other the starter so I'm wondering is the voltmeter pinning itself to the left normal ? I'm guessing I probably need to check the starter connections for corrosion but they're is a plastic cap over the end of it and I can't see them it is in a 20 horse Onan thax

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that's interesting. Sure sounds like it. My voltimeter doesn't work in my 520, so I don't know what the regular behavior should be.



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I think that is normal.

When you go to START you first get the RUN connection before the START. RUN powers the A (Accessory) terminal on the switch which powers the voltmeter = 12 volts.

When you advance to START position the A terminal is dropped = 0 volts until the key returns to RUN = 12 volts 

Click on the picture and again on the next page to enlarge the switch description.


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