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03-02-09 Snow Battle Pics--Add Yours Too!!

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Hello All, here are my battle pics with my faithful C141 and single stage short shoot. The short story---I paid $35 for the complete blower and only had to take two links out of the chain to tighten it up. I lubed up everything and didn't even have to change the shoot cable! I traded a semi running Sears Suburban to Joe (mrfixit) for the C141 that is in the pics---it was sitting outside for several years. Took it home, cleaned the carb, sand papered the points and it fired right off! Changed out all the fluids, lubed up the pedals etc... that where tight, changed the blown headgasket and it runs like a top! I can't believe how good this left for dead tractor and left for dead snow blower work! :thumbs:

Post your pics and videos below, this was a fun storm and I stood home with the kids to play in it.





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Tony it looks like you are having alot of fun playing in the snow, I mean working :thumbs:

Here are a few pictures of me plowing my driveway with my C-125 at about 6:30 AM. I will try and get a few more pictures tonight if we get anymore snow.

The journey from my barn.






My new C-160 all covered in snow :whistle:


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