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tristan watson

Regulator rectifier

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Ok I tested my stator the other night because I didn't think I was getting any power and out of it and it's working fine now I hooked it back up to regulator rectifier this is one that is  installed in the lower dash and when I start the engine it's throwing out a lot of Sparks and was wondering why it would be doing this and how to fix it?

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Where are the sparks located? 

   Several possibilities are :


one of the AC wires is shorted to ground inside the flywheel

the AC wires are not on the AC posts on the regulator

the regulator is not grounded to the tractor.

the regulator has melted and the AC wire are shorted directly to the DC battery wire

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The body of the regulator must be grounded and due to oxidation and corrosion the chassis metal the regulator is mounted on is no longer providing a consistent ground back to the negative battery cable.

Best fix is to add a ground wire to one of the regulator mounting bolts and connect the other end to a known good ground.



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Garry's suggestion will probably solve the problem. I have always found that with any electrical problem the first thing that must be done is clean and tighten all electrical connections including grounds.

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