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Hey Yall hahaha, BRF here, was at Alex the Farmers spread again today, The D200 Battery was Shot, couldnt even jump it, what do you all recommend we get for it

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The 22NF would be a good choice and East Penn makes them in a AGM type that will handle the Kohler beating on it's plates a lot better. I stuffed a group 47 Platinum AGM from O'Reilly's in my D-180 - part number SSB 47PLT. It whips the big K twin over like nothing at -15*F no matter what oil is in it.







Had to make a new plastic tray for it since this size won't fit into the stock one. This battery barely clears the direction control linkage and is the absolute limit on case size that will fit unless you want to start hacking the tractor. I also put a rubber pad under it , every little bit helps since this thing at idle will rattle nearly every fastener in it loose and knock your dental fillings out as well. When I put the stacks on it I had to alter the idle speed a bit higher than stock to stop it trying to break the pipes off...lol.


Might want to double check the height on a 22NF - that thing is pretty tall at 9-3/4". East Penn makes a dual-purpose AGM marine/RV 22NF - part number SSB AGM22NF from O-Reilly's . I hate the cost of the AGM's, but the current market wet lead acid types are just not lasting anymore due to our Kohlers vibrating the life out of them - I'm not going back and sticking to the AGM types from now on. The last Penn made wet lead acid type I had from O-Reilly's only lasted 6mo with little actual use - that's pretty pathetic since Penn makes some of the best batteries available for the money. This stuff has gotten to be a real source of irritation for me , tired of wasting money on things that don't last or can't do the job they are designed for due to profit-driven marketing by most manufacturers. I get it , pleasing stock holders is important for growth, but you can only burn so many bridges and survive long term, which is not their focus at all anymore. Penn actually still seems to care about their reputation, which is rare these days.



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