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Lost Pup

New Battery Charger Pulsetech Quad Charger

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I have been using older style manual chargers when needed and swapping around my two Battery Tenders to keep the Horses running.

Christmas brought this new  Pulsetech Charger and Quad station to my home.  Heading out to the garage to try it out on the horses. 

Going for a record temp here tonight of zero .... I will see how it performs.



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Hooked up the new charger and quad station. The 418A, 418C, 416H and my 2008 Goldwing all hooked up to the unit. I have the Goldwing wired with the standard battery stubout but used the spring clamps for the tractors. The kit does have 4 of the direct wire eyelets so when it warms up I will wire the tractors directly.  



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Keep us posted how this works for you over the winter.  I really need to do something like this myself for my winter machines...

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