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new to 312 8 speed with Kohler magnum 12

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Hi Just bought my 312 this spring when we moved into a new home with two acres of land.  Love the wheel horse, but I am not even sure if I have to change a oil filter and for that matter where the filter or oil plug would be - any guidance would be appreciated.  Put a little marvel mystery oil in the gas, and just started it up for a few, but want to change the oil for the spring. Any guidance on where to start would be greatly appreciated. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 1.41.43 PM.png

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:WRS:             The 312-8 is a great tractor. The engine doesn't have an oil filter and the drain plug is on the right hand side. You will need two quarts of oil and if you won't be using it in clod weather 30W is the suggested oil.


Here is an owner manual for a 312. not sure of the year on yours.

Tractor 1987-88 300 & 400 OM Pt1 #810473R1 (1).pdf

Tractor 1987-88 300 & 400 OM Pt2 #810473R1 (1).pdf

Tractor 1987-88 300 & 400 OM Wiring Pt3 #810473R1 (1).pdf

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312-8 is a great tractor. Treat it right and it will give you many, many years of service.

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