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replacement fuse holder

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Any suggestions as to where one could find a fuse holder similar to the original style used on the 400 series tractors? I'd like to change the originals to ones that have a cover but I can't seem to find ones that have the spring clip to hold the holder to the metal support that they are currently attached to, or have vertical wires. At the moment I'm using a 30amp and 15amp fuse in each holder and I'm hoping that the holders aren't rated to match the fuses.

Thanks - Cod

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The store is located on the upper right side.of the website, click on it and it will show you a fuse holder for a 520. i believe that to be the same one for the 400 series

I am sure that there are many other places to purchase this but this one comes up quickly on the search


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You would think I would write down where I buy this stuff, but Nooo, that would be too easy.  I used either Del City or Waytek Wire.  Glen Petit, a RS Vendor, sells covers for the fuse blocks.  Make sure you get the correct terminals so they lock into the fuse block holder (made that mistake once).  If you can get tin plated terminals, get them, they last longer than unplated brass.

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Thanks guys!  I went to Del City and found the holder in the link below:




It doesn't have a metal spring to hold it on the rail but the mounting hole on the side should work fine.




Apologize for not getting back to this sooner as my version of Firefox no longer seems to support Java and logging in was a real hassle.  Finally figured out that I use IE and that solved the problems.

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