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Rim blanks and centers, or just banding.

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OK, so I have been looking aroung for rim blanks in 15". I have only come up with speedway motors for a blank that only nearly is wide enough, and Millers for a center disc. These things are hard to find.


Can anyone point me to someone selling this stuff and not breaking the bank. app 50$ for a center disk seems as much, when the blank is only 60$.


Would like 15x15 with 6 bolt pattern for a c-195. Preferably with loose center disc, so I can make my own judgment on placement.


Another option could be removing the center disc and banding the shell. Any idea of price on such an operation, and where to have it done in the Chicago area. (200 mile radius app.)


Any input is deeply appreciate.



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Finding a custom wheel in that size without breaking the bank is gonna be a hard one. 


I took 4 cub cadet wheels and cut them apart and welded them up for a puller, you may have to do the same thing. 







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