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36" RD Deck Restore

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I bought my 857 a month ago and it's been a great machine.  Came with a deck I'm assuming is a RM-367 that works great and is very quiet, but the front of the shell is rotted out.




Two weeks ago I picked up a 36" RD deck for next to nothing, which is great because WH stuff is hard to fine here.  The second deck was also rotted out in the same area, but not as bad and someone did a terrible patch job.  This week I had a local welding shop do a new patch job and he did a excellent job.


So now the plan is a little more sheetmetal work, sandblasting, and then paint.  


I'm thinking about buying all new bearings and seals when reassembling.  If anyone has information or suggestions for rebuilding and parts, please chime in!


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When rebuilding decks, I basically always use new bearings including the idlers and wheels.


The originals would need to spin very good to chance reusing.


No use having a good looking deck that fails quickly.


By the way, good looking deck. A good sand and paint should have that looking great.


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Did the same to my Lawn Ranger deck last year.  Filled the low areas with liquid steel and then a skim coat of filler to finish.  Once painted, the average Joe would not even know it.

Nice job.:handgestures-thumbupright:



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