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Eaton 1100 interchange? GT-1848 to 312-H Classic

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Work Horse GT-1848 Auto

Wheel Horse 312-H Classic Hydro


Both have hyd lift, both have the motion level in the middle sticking up (NOT ON THE COLUMN).  The only difference is the GT-1848 has a belt disconnect lever, the 312-H does not which really works the starter......


The reason I want to swap the transmission is because I want to use the 312-H for plowing.  The unit has low hours of 516hrs, but the lift does not work until you warm up the pump for 5 full min.  I have done everything with no improvement.  The new oil and filter actually made it worse.


The GT-1848 is a parts only tractor.  Too much wrong to fix and in horrible shape.


For me a tranny swap is easy.  For other more tranny savy, fixing would be easy......

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There is probably nothing wrong with   the 1100  in the 312.    The 5 minute required warm up is stated in the transmission operators manual.

Some of the 1100s will lift immediately, but, the manual states, for proper operation, they should all be warmed up first.     My 520 and GT lift immediately at any temperature.  The 312 and the 417  require the 5 minute warm up when the temp is below 50F.

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You are correct, however we are impatient.  Even in the summer it takes some time.  We will probably still hang onto it for a spare.  Anyone know if it is a direct swap?

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