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Ok so the C161 is sorted and running great but I've been told the rear rims may be wrong so need to work this out as others say a solid rim may be an option at the time... I need a wheel horse guru to put me right please 😉imageproxy.php?img=&key=233175c88be08e9b


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I remember talking to a gentleman at the big show a few years ago. I believe it was Chad Veromin? Anyway I was told that there was a shortage of the "regular" style rims in late 1977 into the early 79. So another manufacturer supplied these solid rims. Seems like that could be true, but I can't say for sure. I always wanted a set of those rims and recently was given a C-160 Automatic that had homemade concrete wheel weights. The other day I was looking at it and noticed it had solid wheels, so today off came the ugly weights to reveal my solid wheels!!! 

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