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Hi Everyone

I am trying to locate the part number for the accessories belt that provides power from the mower deck to the pulleys to the double bagger on the 269H. Any and all help appreciated.

Thank you

John in Vermont


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    • By John Casadonte
      I have a late 90's 269H with the Kohler 17HP motor.  After cutting for about 1 hour I turned it off, tried to start it about 10 minutes late and it would not crank.  The dash lights turn on (oil, battery, parking brake), I can hear/feel the relay click but the starter will not turn.
      All fuses checked All relays checked no broken/frayed wires  
      Solenoid will not engage when crossing the terminals with a screw driver and key switch in on position.  Is this a defacto solenoid issue or do I need to check other things?  Also, I am showing that the part number for the solenoid is: 52-435-02.  i found one at http://www.milfordpower.com/R12130-Starter-Solenoid-Replaces-Kohler-52-435-02S-p/r12130.htm
      Thanks in advance for any direction or advice.
      My name is Bill, and I am new to this forum. About 10 years ago I bought a 269H and it has faithfully performed all the tasks asked of it. The other day I checked the and topped off the oil, and proceed to start cutting the lawn. About 15 minutes in I heard a loud noise followed by an evil vibration. Thinking it was something with the deck I shut off the PTO. Unfortunately the noise and the vibration did not go away. I shut off the tractor and pushed it back to the garage. I checked to oil again and found it to be half gone. After topping it off again I started it up, but the vibration and ugly noises were still there. I am 90% sure the engine is shot.
      I have been trying to find a replacement for the Kohler CV19s-6553. I am not having a lot of luck. The closest I have come is a CV620. Does anyone know if this will work, or of any other models I might want to look at. I live in maryland and have thought about getting it rebuilt. Any and all help will be appreciated.
    • By Jayrh68
      Hi, was just looking for a nice garden tractor/mower for my mom this past week, and somehow ended up with 2 Toro/Wheelhorse 269h's with 48"inch deck, front blade, tiller, and snow blower. Been sorting out what i need for all this and downloaded manuals and parts lists. I am missing the mid hitch idler assy and the rear axle hitch mount. Is there anywhere that sells these as units or am I going to have to order these part by part.. Thanks, looking forward to enjoying my new "stable" of horse, lol