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New muffler set up on my diesel powered Commando 8

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I have felt that the Honda push mower muffler set up on my little 6.5hp Yanmar diesel was a bit restrictive.   Most folks know that  a diesel needs to "breath" to work at its best, both on intake and exhaust side of things.  So, at the Portland, IN swap meet, I found this lagged muffler at a vintage Briggs & Stratton parts booth.  Picked it up for $25.  I shortened up the input pipe and welded up a flanged input set up(Yes I know my bead laying still isn't best, but it holds and seals!).  I also made a support mount at the front of the muffler barrel to support the weight.  The main barrel is lagged with an outer wrapper, so this helps with heat and the paint/decals above it.  The output faces forward, out and down.  So I do not get as much fumes as I was with the the original set up I made up.  Also a bit quieter as with the original set up, I could tell by the sound of the exhaust, the engine was working against some backpressure due to the smal muffler.  I also have a clear lense Tomar Microstrobe to replace the low intensity strobe on the fender now.  Still have to mount it up.  Mike the Aspie




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Looks great!!  Very nice setup you made.  Don't worry about the aesthetics of your welds.  Mine look about the same - what counts is that they hold and serve their function!  Very nice looking machine!

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