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417-8 transmission

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Hey guys. I have a 417-8. I honestly don't know the year. I saw it and bought it. It has been a great machine. I am looking to do a trans swap on it though. The right side axle bearing is shot and pretty sure has damaged the case. I am not sure how long it's been like that. I have tried to find a different transmission but can't find one for my exact model. Can someone let me know what other models may have a trans that will fit? Or if I might be able to put a heavier one in instead. 


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Will be 1985 tractor model 31-17K801

or 1986 model 31-17K802


Both used the 110995 model transmission. This file has a list of tractors that used the 110995 but there are other transmission models that used 8 pinion gears and 1-1/8" axles.


Search the manuals using "6 forward speeds" in quotes for more.

Looks like I can't make the link stick. Will try later.


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