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Pictures of your 48" deck please

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I've recently bought a 523dxi (built in 1999, has 467hrs on the clock) with a 48" deck (model number 78448) and a pretty big grass collector.


 Trouble is; I'm missing parts to get the deck to actually work (when I bought it all I'd had to travel 5 hours, and once there - there was no time to check it all worked - before making a decision to buy it and just get on home).  


I realise I'm going to have to throw some money at the issue but it would be a big help if you could take some pictures of your decks so I can compare things.  I'm missing the main belt (from the pto to the deck) for a start and I think I'm missing the two wheels that guide it too (that make it turn the 90 degrees from the tractor to the deck.) And I think there's a bar missing too on mine but I'm not sure.  the local Toro dealer isn't the sharpest tool in the shed so hasn't been a big help so far either.....any help gratefully received.  I'm happy to post pictures of mine if that helps?  


Thanks in advance



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Here are the manuals

You should have everything that is in this mower deck parts list

Do you know if the grass collector is model 79310?



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Wouldn't hurt to throw up a pic or two, the guys that have one can check it out to see exactly what you might be missing.

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Chaps - thanks for your kind replies - I'll get some photos loaded up shortly.


In the meantime - Gary - my grass collector model number is 79451 - it's a beast of a collector (as you're probably well aware).  I've not actually got that running either (altho the tractor has the idle pulleys on the back axle etc etc and the correct hanger at the back too) - does it suck the grass up as you go along?  Or am I missing parts for that too......?!

I think my 523dxi was built in 1999 (judging by the little tags in the engine bay) and  I think the deck, the trailer and the collector were all bought at the same time.  might be wrong though.  Doesn't help things now however - just a bit of background.


All the registration stickers are not present on the tractor - rubbed off?  


She goes well - have been using it to chain harrow the horse school, which she does no problem.   more pictures to follow.



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And a couple more pictures for info - and why not - I've got them to hand etc - no harm etc etc :)


I've hit the limit of what I can upload so that's it for the moment.

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Posted (edited)

Congrats on the 5xi.


And welcome to the Toro 5xi Quiet Collector club as well.  Not many folks have these.  I love mine...





I'm not sure you have all the pieces that drive the quiet collector.  On the 48" mower deck, there should be a double-decker pulley underneath that BLACK pulley guard.  Remove that black guard and take a photo of what you have.


You also need a another set of idlers that route the quiet collector accessory drive belt to the rear axle-mounted double decker relay pulley.  Then from there, there is a final belt that goes to the quiet collector fan shaft.


The owner manual and part manual for the Quiet Collector DRIVE KIT can be downloaded for free at this site:



Use the following Model and Serial Numbers to get the manuals:

Model Number: 79454
Serial Number: 9900001
Product Name: Quiet Collector Drive Kit, 48" Mower



Here is how it goes on mine:








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Thanks very much for your comprehensive reply!  And yes, loving the 523dxi/quiet collector set up.  Yours is how I hope to eventually get mine.  Would love a front loader shovel too but they are rare in the uk and I imagine, v expensive too!


I'm definitely missing the quiet collector drivers (the triangular attachment on the deck and the belt.  I've got the idle pulleys on the back axle and the pulley under the collector of course.

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So just a quick update on this.  The total amount to get the deck to work with the tractor, excluding the bits needed to get the quiet collector going aswell, comes to £515 including VAT (purchase tax in the UK).  


Which didn't exactly fill me with early christmas cheer it has to be said.  (v early xmas cheer tbf) 


At the same time, however, I was whatsapping the agent that had sold me the tractor on behalf of the owner whilst they were away on holiday. As soon as they got back they went and had a look for the bits that were missing and hey presto - they found them.  


It's hard to tell exactly what is there (everything for the deck and quiet collector to run or just the deck) but whatever they send will significantly reduce my outlay so that's good.


Great result in fact.



Separately - Can I not just buy a belt that meets Toro's width and design, not necessarily from toro, to replace?  As long I get the correct v shaped belt (length/shape/tensile strength) then it won't matter it's not Toro OE will it?  


There's a big difference in prices for non OE belts that's all.

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Here's a picture of the parts they've found and are sending me.  Doesn't look like the quiet collector things are there but I'm prepared to take the hit on those - you  can't have everything I guess.



mower parts .jpg

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