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1995 520H Drive belt

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I just replaced the idler pulley, the spring and the transmission drive belt on my 1995 520H M# 73501. The original belt had a large split in it and was making all kinds of noise. Once I replaced these parts the tractor was very quiet. Now I have noticed it getting noisy again and I have found that the belt at the idler pulley is rubbing on the top of the belt that is free. The part number for the belt is 83" belt but why is it allowing the belt to rub together as they pass the idler pulley?  I put the belt back on the same way that it came off.  

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Yes, that looks exactly like it. I purchased an 83" belt from Tractor supply. That idler pulley does a lot of jumping up and down even as the tractor is just idling.  

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What I do is loosen the motor mounts then pull the engine forward as far as it will go (having the tension off of the belt will help this).

Also at this time try and make sure the engine is sitting square so the belt is in as close an alignment as you can get.


You won't get a lot of movement but it may help.



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