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Looking for all information available for attach-a-matic front mount list of attachments 

manuals, etc.....

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Check in manuals for year model under (top next to BROWSE or close)> Manuals>tractor>(YR) in an applicable IPL/IPB (parts diagrams) and it should include a section wit the front, mid and rear, but not the axel, clevis, or slot hitches. The yr operator manuals should discuss how to operate them. I think they are under Miscellaneous or other. The Attachments list for particular years is prob under miscellaneous also and covers what newer fits or changes to older, if that makes sense. Hope that helps, if not input particular year and model and ya'll get a response.

When you pick BROWSE a dropdown menu appears with the pick function containing manuals

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Here is the big one

There are some smaller ones that were published earlier but this one has included them.

If you are dealing with a particular tractor model look for the tractor in the manuals section and a D&A file (Details and Attachments) for that model. That info came from the 1955-2000 chart.


The attachment chart lists the 

(1) original attachment that was available at the time,

(2) the attachment that replaced the original

(3) and the attachment that was available when the chart was developed.

What is missing in the chart are the attachments that were available between the last two.

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