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312 Won't Crank Over????

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Hi guys, I found your forum while researching my 312's problem. So I'm a "NEWBEE". I purchased my girl back in 1982 or 84. Memory issues, so don't shoot me. Anyway she's had Excellent care up until I let my "Meathead" Son in law borrow her 6 years ago. Anyway, he called me and said the tractor won't start. This was back in May I think. So Monday he brings her over and drops her off. After a few hours of TLC I cleaned most of those 6 years of dirt off her. My troubleshooting revealed a dead battery, and busted ignition switch. So both have been R & R. All battery terminals have been cleaned, ground connection cleaned, 15amp fuse R &R. My problem is I have no voltage to the lights, ignition switch doesn't engage the starter. But by jumping the solenoid the starter will negative. WhenI I test my safety switches using the test toggle switch, Nothing lights. He also has misplaced ALL of the paperwork, wiring diagrams, and manuals. So I'm looking for a wiring diagram or some ideas. As a retired Aircraft Mechanic I'm ashamedof to even post this. But, I've got myself turning circles and my brain has frozzen. Anyway the specs. Wheel Horse 312-8 ID# 2112K805, Kohler 12HP Model F12S, Spec # 471527, S/N 180700t943. I know beyond a doubt that I'm over thinking this and missed something small. 




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