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D Day

Electric Clutch

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I'm new to the group. I'm 95% sure I have an early 70's era C-160. The Model # is 1 7285. It was stored in a shed for many years after the ladies husband died. It is in great shape with various minor problems. I had to replace the electric clutch this spring. There were just two red wires coming from it. My question is: Can it be wired backwards or is either direction fine? I had a problem with the battery (brand new) holding a charge and found that it had a bad cell. Would've that been caused by the wiring?

   And does anyone have a place I can get a muffler cheaper than $250? I about croaked when the local WH dealer told me that. She prewarned me. Lol

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The wires on the clutch don't matter.  Either way is good.

The cheap way to replace a muffler is to put a stack on it.

Prices aren't too bad at Rural king and Tractor Supply.

Some mods may be required.

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@D Day :text-welcomeconfetti: to :rs:

Are you sure the model number is 1 7285 ??

I couldn't find that number on my list......but it has been wrong before!

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