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Is side discharge same size on different deck sizes?

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I am excited to be buying my first Wheel Horse today 244H which comes with a 42" deck. Perfect for my needs of just cutting a flat yard and towing a little wagon behind. I am also hoping to pickup leaves at the end of the season as i mow. I found a bagging system that i should be able to fit to the back but its for a 32" deck. Would this fit my 42" deck? Not sure if the side discharge portion would match up of if they are deck size specific. 

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According to the attachment list the Easy-Twin bagger fits a 38" deck and the deck is designed to move the clippings to the container.

There is a vacuum bagger that will fit the 42" and 48" decks model  07-4XVS01 and later model 79203 but requires 78-8600-03 adapter kit.


Tried to attach links to the manuals but they would not stick. Will try later.



Kit required to fit the 244-H - this is all I can find on it.





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