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Going to start sand blasting all the parts to my suburban Wednesday. Has anyone sandblasted a complete Kohler K91?

if so how did you block off the exhaust and intake?

Anything else I should be careful around?

Any other tips??


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Don't do it. Find someone to soda blast it.

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I do it --- have done 4-5 of them.:-o And yes, I'll probably catch flak for it, but.... Now we are talking about a mostly assembled engine arent we? Pan/head on? Just flywheel, carb, exhaust, pto removed? (actually can sometimes leave exhaust pipe on - easier to block off)


I stuff the intake/exhaust holes with a paper towel then put 2 layers of masking tape over the outline of the boltholes, and with the head on and an old spark plug in. Im not familiar with the K91, but probably has the points with a little tin cover over them? if so this is where you really have to use caution, I take them off to get at the flat spot they are mounted on and again, use masking tape to cover. When through, give her a GOOD blasting of compressed air. Ive never had a hint of a problem - really its just using good common sense and block any where the media can get in.

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