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36" RD conversion

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Hi, I found a 200 series RD 36" mower (05-36XR01-11097) in really great shape. It was from a vertical shaft mower and had the mower drive belt guide towards the rear as a separate unit (not on the front spindle). I am trying to convert it to use on my 1972 Commando.  The spindles are have round shafts with grease fittings.   The spindle shafts look long enough to use the double belt pulley on the front spindle.  Can you still buy the double belt pulleys that will fit on these round spindle shafts?  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!  I have two double belt pulleys from old decks but the are for the shafts with two flat sides!

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The decks with the 3/4" round shafts are the latest design they used so parts including blades are much easier to find.

This is what you are trying to get to using the appropriate drive belt I think


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      Just spruced up a craigslist special and it has 30 in deck 3530sl02, new blade and lifters bought also (120$!!) And it cuts very low. Even with side handle in highest position it's too close for hot summer lawn. Any way underneath machine to adjust deck height?
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      Wheel Horse D180 automatic
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      It took me forever and a year but last spring i found something that fits perfectly. Had to measure the 3 hole separation, but found snapper occasionally uses a blade of the same spec. Readily available online although i have forgotten the site. 
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      Operator manual #810661R1
      Part 1 - 3 pages 4.39MB
      Part 2 - 4 pages 3.59MB
      Dated 06/89
      Fits some 200-Series lawn tractors
      Power grass collector 07-31PS01 available for this deck.
      This is a better copy than the one that can be downloaded from Toro.
      See product service bulletin "WH89-90 #T28 216-H 30in Mower Belt"
      Mower 35-30SL01 serial # 20987 and lower requires longer belt # 114421 if used on a 216-H tractor
      Mower Rotary 1990 30in SD model 35-30SL01

      1990 serial numbers that have shown up for the 35-30SL01
      0020987 - Shown in PSB #T-28
      0022777 - Build date 1990 0005 January 05 Friday
      0023367 - Build date 1990 0078 March 19 Monday
      0023422 - Build date 1990 0078 March 19 Monday
      0023423 - Build date 1990 0078 March 19 Monday