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H60 issues

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My son bought a 502 that has a H60 engine.  He wanted to add electric start so I bought the correct flywheel from this forum and as I was tightening the flywheel nut the end of the crank broke off flush with the flywheel.   Prior to this, the enginevran good.  Now I see having three options.

1.  Buy a crank and replace the broke one, then buy the rest of the parts needed for electric starter.


2. Find the biggest engine I can find for it that looks period correct and has electric starter.


3. Buy a new OHV 6.5hp engine with electric starter.


This tractor is going to be used just for fun, it won't be used for work.  He swapped the pulleys to speed it up and he has a lot of fun on it.  He also plans to fully restore it for next year's 4H project, so at some point he is going to want the engine to at least appear somewhat original.


Any thought?

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I am in the minority here but I like Techies and have had good service out of them.  For what you want to use it for I would go with option 2 or 3 that way you can have electric start and a charging system with out having to piece things together. Also The new crank and your existing rod may not play well with each other depending on wear.  That would mean having crank ground and replacing the rod to match.

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i too have had good luck with the Tecumseh motors and the h60 .  i'd just look for one already set up for an electric starter ,  they made millions of them for snow blowers. switch from the 120v AC starter to the 12 volt DC one .  of course you will not have a charging system, just put the battery on the charger once or twice a summer


i have bought many of them at swap meets, Craigslist or yard sales.....usually under $20

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