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76 c100 22hp predator swap?

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Hey guys, i have a 76 c100 with a k241 thats just about shot. Seems to have no power left in it at this point. I use it mainly for clearing woods behind the house and plowing the drive in the winter which it seems pretty good at. Put the mower deck on it last week to see how it cuts since ive never used it before, and it bogged down hard, almost to the point of shutting off. The plan was to get a snow thrower this year for it, but if it boggs down that hard cuttin grass, i dont know if id trust it with a blower. I started it the day after cuttin the yard, ran for maybe 5 sec before i saw oil on the floor (pretty sure its leaking from the fuel pump area on the front side) shut it off to check oil and there was what appeared to be exhaust coming out of the crankcase. Ive been searching for a 14 or 16 kohler replacement for the last few months with no luck so i thought about going a different route. Harbor freight has their 22hp motors on sale this month and thought heavily about the swap, but havent seen it done on this model if tractor, only with the 80s onan motors. So my question is, can it be done if all the module with the ignition key, choke, and throttle were removed to make clearance for the battery?

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