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I just wanted to share this with everyone. Recently I was tuning up my 74 d 160. I was trying to locate a new plug wire. The local dealer had one in stock for that tractor. The kit included a new wire and 3 boots. The price was $45. Now I know items for vintage tractors aren't cheap but that seemed outrageous to me. Now I'm not looking for originality as I work my tractor around my property, so function (and price) are more important to me. I was given this contact by a guy at work, who is also a member here. I called them to see what they could do. Explained to him what I had and what I wanted. He asked me 3 questions about the wire, length, what the coil end looked like and if the plug end was straight or 90 degrees. That was around 3 or 4 on Tuesday. When I got home Thursday afternoon the wire was there delivered. When I inspected it it was better than I thought. The contact ends were soldered on, not crimped, and it had the proper boot on each end, with a handwritten note explaining how to put the coil boot on as it is smaller than the original. Really was a well constructed wire that they built specifically for my order. The best part was it was only $9, plus $8 for shipping. Couldn't beat it for  $17. I would recommend them to anyone needing electrical parts or repair. Their info is...

weavers magneto repair

8474 planktown n.rd. 

Shiloh, oh 44878

(419) 896-2827

(888) 624-7733

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:text-bravo:    Cool story, glad one of our own came to the rescue!      :woohoo:

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