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Ignition Swich 310-8

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Bought 310-8 1989 a few weeks ago from 2nd owner who apparently did not use much and sat in shed for 6 years.  I have all wh manuals and parts lists.  Did not start with key but would start just fine jumping solenoid.  Changed out solenoid with tractor supply solenoid.  Still did not start with key.  Brought to wh good local repair shop I was using with mtd that died (plastic trans gears).  Local repair shop replaced 111970 switch asm (service) which I think is the clutch neutral safety switch (located under gear plate).  Local repair shop ordered ignition switch over a week ago, still waiting.  Needed to mow lawn so brought wh home yesterday.   Still having to jump solenoid to start and pinch gas line to shut down.  My ignition switch assy is part number is 111216/111216.   Looking at my 310 wiring diagram I have 6 pin. On line I see ignition switches at tractor supply.  They have two mtd with 6 pin.  Specs on this one (MTD Ignition Switch, OEM-725-1396) appears that it could work.  I might also take out my defective one and match up?



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A 1989 310-8 should have magneto ignition and use switch 111215


The 111216 switch is for battery ignition used on the tractor models with the Onan engine. The 310-8 shares a parts list with the Onan powered tractors so both part numbers show up.

The starter circuit uses 1/2 of the pto switch plus the clutch pedal switch and then the low oil circuit.


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Sounds like a "ground" problem.  "ground" is needed to start and "ground" is needed to shut down.  

310-8 1989-1991 Wiring Detailed.pdf

The start "relay" must be grounded to engage the solenoid and the key switch must be grounded to stop.  

Make sure the engine is grounded to the frame, the relay grounded to the engine or frame, the key switch grounded to dash, dash grounded to frame.  

All fixed!  :greetings-clappingyellow:  Oh... and battery cable grounded to engine and frame.


Check the 25amp fuse.


On the terminal side of the key switch there is a "G" terminal.  It is grounded to the switch case just by a crimp.

 This connection can become loose and corroded losing contact to ground.


When you jump to the solenoid you bypass the fuse, the ignition switch, the PTO switch, the clutch switch, and the start relay.  

Any of those could be at fault.  

It's easy to trace on the wiring diagram for the start circuit.


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