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5091 Transmission

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I was sure happy with what I saw today on the 5091 on my beloved 1976 that came back to me. The drain plug wouldn't come out but I knew I wanted to pull the transmission and look inside. There's some override in 3rd gear that's going to get fixed. Once I got it off I flipped it over to drain and the oil was very black but no signs of any moisture or anything else. Good start. I dumped a quart of Motor Medic motor flush  in it. For a good part of the day yesterday I would spin it on the bench to distribute it. It sat overnight and I did the same a few times this morning before draining it out and opening it up.




I only see slight wear on the reverse idler and a little bit on the fork gears. I'd say definitely not a problem.




About an .050 arbor shim will eliminate the input shaft play and I really don't think I'd need to do that but since I have it open I will. i did manage to get the drain plug out on the bench so I'm good there. Having bought this tractor new I know the tremendous amount of work and even abuse it has seen. At least the first 24 years of it's life. The past 17 I think it's been mainly a mower so not as rough. Now that I have it back it likely will have an easier life than what I put it through before. There are a lot of good ways to flush a transmission but I've used motor flush on several and every one has come out like this. Maybe I've been lucky in that none of them were really bad but you often don't know that until they are opened up. It costs a bit more than other stuff but I think I'm sold. What really makes me happy is knowing that all i really have to do in install a new gasket, throw it back on the tractor and add a couple quarts of juice and I'm good to go. :D



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You could eat off of those gears Bob...and the oil was black?  WOW!!   That is a nice looking transmission.  :)

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